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Tomas Pavlicek pupil Tomangel was born in 1980 in Teplice, currently lives in Bavaria Augsburg Germany. Playing deals since 2004, when he bought his first turntables. Before long, he got the opportunity to stand before an audience for the first time in the role of performer DJeje. Since the beginning pseudonym "DJ Tomangel".

First Success was not long in coming and earned resident night club Unico ME Teplice and it called "Trance Effect Sound." Shortly afterwards he was very much actively involved in the preparation of highly successful and unique event, which went down in history Teplice dance scene titled "Summer Session today as the Summer Sensation" from 2006, where the guest of the evening was renowned DJ LayDee Jane, this event was a great springboard and started coming more and more offers to play and resident evenings and eg. in clubs Fabric ( OV), Mecca (Pha), Duplex (Pha), Roxy (Pha) Unico ME Club (TP), Babylon (LB) and others.

In the early days of playing Tomangel preferred music reproduction only turntables, but currently uses hardware in combination with software Ableton and a MIDI controller and keyboard. The current equipment so it can more effectively reach their audience, especially through the use of interesting techniques and tools in live dance music reproduction. His repertoire includes a number of carefully selected tracks and labels, focusing on dance music genres. Hear that his administration may be largely a progressive style of trance music. Currently Deep House to Techno. Has both the selection of really good tracks as well as to the precise technical processing transitions. When playing but can make time for her audience with which it communicates well and thus can cause great atmosféru.Díky great experience and naštěvováním clubs, both indoor events up to the Open Air can prepare their own resident night at maximum show !!!. .

In September 2006 he was invited to an interview to the online dance radio "," "Kiss Morava", "Europe 2", "Fun 1" and "Sensation Factory" and foreign radio "," "Dresden radio "where i got an hour airtime for their sets. This artist you can see alongside DJs such as Ronski Speed, Africa Islam, Lucca, Michael Burian, Kyau & Albert, LayDee Jane, Peet & Tommy Rogers, Elite, Michael C, Chris Sadler, Mark Cress, Tomas Haverlik, Michal Poliak and many others. Recognized DJeje ranks Tomangel especially Paul Van Dyk, John Digweed, Sasha, Carl Cox or example. Guy J. lately is not afraid to play a set style Deep House and Techno Progessivním sound.

A great success, winning the prestigious competition O2 Dance Music Awards, where Tomangel a large margin, won 1st place in the category Discovery of the Year.

He is currently working on its own production, focusing on classic trance music with electronic elements and breakbeat loops. released several own tracks, his production you can hear in Live sets ...

Reference clubs:

- Kraftwerk Mitte (Dresden)

- Mellys (Dresden)

- Duplex Praha (PHA)

- Duplex Most (MO)

- Mecca (PHA)

-Roxy (PHA)

- Fabric (OV)

- Face to Face (PHA)

-white Stone (Doksy)

- Centrum Babylon Music Club (LB)

- Unico Me Club (TP)

- 7 Heaven (Brno)

- Shake club (LB)

- Saturnin (UL)

- Little (LT)

- Lock (Doksy)

- Freetekk Open Air (Germany Dresden)

- Prague Exhibition (PHA)

- Ambrosia (LB)

- Imperium (LN) and many more ...

Resident nights // others:

- Summer Session Summer Sensation now

- Angel Night

- Electronic Night Effect

- Trance Euphoria